The builders

The adventure of Ornavik

Since its creation in 2009, Ornavik is impregnated with the associative spirit. Some 150 volunteers are members of the building team. They are the main force of Ornavik. Its DNA.

Though, other local actors are regularly associated with different events and the life of the park, such as the craft of the costumes. The circle of contributors is extremely large.

Basically, the Norman people are very enthousiastic about the project, which benefits of an original force : the original volunteering initiative.

Ornavik also is a unique project that brings together archeologists, builders, enthousiasts and also people with social difficulties. Everyone comes to give what he can. It is a wonderful place to promote civil integration and diversity.

The association, of general interest, also welcomes volunteers in civil service mission, in various domains like cultural mediation, communication or sustainable developpment.

Come to Ornavik and, whitout even realizing it, you will support an adventure both historical and human, that creates social links and promotion of knowledge since 2009.


Domaine de Beauregard
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
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02 31 52 40 90