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The adventure of Ornavik


The guided tour :

Follow the guide ! Visit the historic park and its authentic reconstruction of medieval houses. Through captivating anecdotes, your guide will take you back in time for a unique experience. Enter some of the houses and imagine what life was like at that time. Enjoy new experiences as a family by taking part in our medieval-themed activities.

The immersion tour

Push open the massive oak gates and dive into the tenth century. Take an amazing walk through this world of the past and meet its friendly inhabitants : builders, carpenters, sculpters, blacksmiths, textile weavers, merchants,… They’ll make you feel welcome by showing you the crafts of those times and answering all your questions. As you will see, the Vikings were more than brutal invaders and Ornavik will introduce you to their many skills.

Prices :

Calendar :

APRIL : Kids days

From april 11th to 13th

Ornavik opens his park and puts children in the spotlight by organizing many medieval activities for them.

MAY : Ornavik celebrates his new viking boat

May 21-23

Coming from Ålesund, Norway, the Ornavik Viking boat will be inaugurated!

Animations are planned around the theme of navigation.

JUNE : Medieval gardens days

June 6th-7th

Come and discover the secrets of medieval gardens: vegetable gardens, medecinal gardens. Plant exchanges and animations !

JULY : The Great Viking Festivals : 5th edition !

July 17-19

Large Viking gathering: crafts, fights, shows, traditional games for children ... with the exceptional participation of re-enactment companies from France and Europe.

SEPTEMBER : European Heritage Days

September 19-20

Activities around the builders of the Carolingian church: carpenters, stonemasons and blacksmiths. Exhibition and conference.

SEPTEMBER : Normans Festival

September 26-27

Come to discover the origins of Normandy and party. To close the season, Ornavik will reward the Norman conquerors !

Ornavik is a natural living space, you find here works all year long. For your safety, we established some rules :

The children must be watched by an adult (risks with the water, the wood and the worskites). Stay on the paths. Our four legged friends are welcome if they are on a leash.

You can picnic in the adapted spaces outside. The car park is free, adapted to coaches but forbidden to camping-cars when the park is closed. 80% of the park is accessible for people with reduced mobility.


GPS coordinates : 49.2157 / -0.3130

Domaine de Beauregard 14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair

10 minutes from Caen

Ornavik is located 2h45 from Paris : take A13 then périphérique Nord, 3a Exit "Porte d'Angleterre" to Ouistreham. Sortie D226 to Beauregard.

10min from Ouistreham Car-Ferry : take D515 to Caen, exit D141B to Beauregard.

2h from Rennes : take A84 then périphérique Nord, exit 3a "Porte d'Angleterre" to Ouistreham. Exit D226 to Beauregard.

1h30 from Cherbourg : take N13 then périphérique Nord, exit 3a "Porte d'Angleterre" to Ouistreham. Exit D226 to Beauregard.

 In bus : line 5 Twisto, Beauregard stop. The bus pass by the station, and the town centre. The time-table here


Domaine de Beauregard
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
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