This season's work

The historical park

The working's schedule is full for 2018. Follow us, step by step, by discovering our recent and future constructions.


  • The old sheep-barn, right outside the park at the end of the parking, was fully renovated. It's now our volunteers' convivial space with a kitchen and a dining area, placed right behind the office.
  • A second prefab structure was placed to welcome many workshops such as : leather work, basketry, sewing … Those prefab rooms now have electricity as well.


  • In the vikings' island : A boathouse and a fisherman's shed are in progress, the two of them placed near a small lake, on the scandinavian area. Our aim is to welcome carpenters and sailors (or is the term mariners?), in order to acquire the skills necessary to construct clinker-built and scandinavian boats. 3 house projects are planned : one based on Hedeby housing, a second one representing an aristocratic longhouse and the last one based on a swedish model from Birka, Sweden. A mead hall (or festing hall?) is on our minds too !
  • The carolingian village isn't left aside, as a church is also being built,inspired from excavations realised in Saint-Martin de Trainecourt (Now known as Mondeville). The structure will be pre-roman, a characteristic feature of the 10th century. 7 structures are planned in the carolingian village. With the already built houses will be added a presbytery, a twin pair of farms and two other carolingian houses.
  • The 11th century will also have its own space. Like the motte and bailey castle, which you can see from the entrance, North of the park right behind the carolingian village, from William the Conqueror's Era. It symbolized the power a lord had on his land as well as a military defense. Its wooden fortifications and height could hold people in order to protect them from ennemies. A lot of those structures have been found around the region.

The Motte and Bailey castle

Open in 2024

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