School visit

The adventure of Ornavik

Immersive visit

You are in the 10th century and walk across the carolingian village and the viking camp and meet the inhabitants. Duration : at your convenience

From april 25th to june 27th, on reservation

Thursday, from 14 to 17:30

From july 24 th to august 29th, on reservation

Wednesday, thursday and sunday, from 10 to 18:30


Led by a guide coming from the Middle-Ages, you will visit the historic parc and discover how the Carolingians and Vikings lived in the 10th century. Duration : two hours

From april 23rd to june 28th, on reservation

Tuesday and friday, from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 16


You will see how the Normans worked leather, how they occupied the spare time, the weapons they used. You will also discover how they weaved and dyed their cloth and manufactured their pottery.

From april 25th to june 28th, on reservation

Tuesday and friday, from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 16

Thursday, from 10 to 12

From july 24th to august 29th, on reservation

Wednesday and thursday, from 10 to 12


2019 new ! Make your team meet in a fun tournament with many typical scandinavian games.

Only on request

Duration : a half-day

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The highlights in 2019

  • From saturday 20th to monday 22nd april : Easter week-end and first opening of the season
  • Saturday 4th and sunday 5th may : children dedicated week-end
  • Saturday 15th and sunday 16th june : National Days of Archaeology
  • From friday 19th to sunday 21st july : Fêtes d’Ornavik
  • Sunday 21st and sunday 22nd september : European Heritage Days
  • Saturday 28th and sunday 29th september : Fête des Normands with axe-throwing on both days, and a Kubb game tournament on sunday. Last opening of the season

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