The educationnal approach

The adventure of Ornavik

Ornavik is a Middle-Ages site that offers a unique opportunity to meet volunteers who play the role of inhabitants, craftsmen, farmers or merchants. When you open the big wooden door of the park, you are immediately immersed in another world out of time.

You escape the buzz of modern life to enter in the quiet of the nature, the crackle of fire and manual saws. You pass to a slow rythm of pedestrial walk, of conversation in the shadows of trees, of the construction of stone walls by hand, or of the manual craft of jewel-making.

The educationnal goal of Ornavik is to relearn the ancestral jobs (thatching, shingle-making , wattle and daub, clothe-making...). On the site, the volunteers completely live the medieval culture. You discover, in this real conservatory of traditional jobs, how crafts people worked and how families lived.

You and your family wish to take part in a cultural trip in the wild ? You work with children and would like to do a educationnal and dynamic animation ? Don't hesitate to join us, you will live an unforgettable experience and learn while having fun.

Because our objective is to make the knowledge accessible for the greatest number, we chose to maintain a low-cost ticket. We want to make the knowledge available to all, but this policy is only possible thanks to the investment of our volunteers and the contribution of the sponsors, that support the project in a associative and cooperative spirit.

To know

Ornavik open its doors to a citizen tourism, which makes the visitor the actor of his trip. Both natural and cultural, the park is higly directed toward the simple transmission of the knowledge and the exchange with other european countries.

As a proof, the association Les Vikings An 911 established links in France, but also with many british and scandinavian countries, in order to realize exchanges of skills. The recent Walk of Rollo perfectly illustrates this European strategy.

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