The scientific approach

The adventure of Ornavik

The Ornavik project is based on the scientific approach and focuses on the hands-on experience. Its objective is to make dynamic a knowledge that is usually found in books and museums. Its approach is based on experimental archeology.

To do this, the association Les Vikings an 911 established in 2009 a cooperation with historians and archeologists including Laurent Mazet-Harohoff, archeologist on the historic site of Lejre (Denmark) and Vincent Hincker, head of the Archeological Department of Calvados.

In 2015, Ornavik went step further with the creation of a scientific committee, who meets whenever necessary. The scientists who are part of it take stock of the past actions, contribute to the conception of the projects and develop historic knowledge on the 911-1066 period.

Thanks to the archeologists that helped the project Ornavik

  • Julien Deshayes
    (Pays d’art et d’histoire of « Clos du Cotentin »), specialist of the religious buildings

  • Pierre Bauduin
    (Middle Ages History Professor), specialist of the issues related to the integration of Scandinavians in the Frank world

  • Luc Bourgeois
    (Professor of medieval archeology), specialist of the issues related with the transition between the antic and Middle Age agglomerations.

  • Claude Lorren
    (Emeritus professor of History and medieval archeology), specialist of the issues related with the settlement from the Antiquity the the end of the Middle Ages.

  • Christophe Maneuvrier
    (Lecturer in medieval history ; Université de Caen-Normandie, CRAHAM). researcher in rural societies and writing between XIIth and XVth centuries.

  • Nicola Coulthard
    (Curator of the heritage, SRA Normandie)

  • Jean-Marie Lévesque
    (Curator of the musée de Normandie)

  • Elizabeth Ridel
    (Doctor in science of the language and engineer in the CNRS), specialist of the maritim vocabulary and author of many articles about the vikings.

  • Sophie Pillault

  • Élise Sehier
    (Archeologist, INRAP)

  • Vincent Hincker
    (Archeologist, Director of the SDAC)

  • Laurent Mazet-Harohoff

  • Frédéric Epaud
    (Doctor in archeology and researcher in the CNRS), specialist of the Middle Ages framework

  • Xavier Savary
    (Director of the Musée archéologique Vieux-la-Romaine)

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