The club of legends

The adventure of Ornavik

Ornavik means « the bay of Orne » in Old Norse. This is the name we chose to give to the historic park we opened in 2011, for the 1100th birthday of Normandy.

Ornavik has for goal to make you discover the fabulous history of Normandy's birth, not well-known yet, on a 10 hectares field of historic reconstitution.

It is divided into 3 areas :

  • The HISTORICAL SIDE : Ornavik is composed of 3 areas (carolingian, viking, ducal). This is a scientific and cultural project, and a way to tell to as many people as possible the history of Normandy's birth.
  • The SOCIAL SIDE : Ornavik federates hundreds of Normans : volunteers from every age and origin, local companies and people in professionnal insertion.
  • The SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPPMENT : Ornavik is in a sustainable developpment approach which contributes to the reinforcement of the link between Man and the Wild (societal chart ISO 26000).

365 legends : our 365 partners that enter the History !

If you want to :

  • Do a citizen action
  • Contribute to make Ornavik an exceptionnal place
  • Federate the Normans by their origin
  • Participate in the national shining of the region and the park
  • Integrate your company in a Social Responsibility approach
  • Help the youngsters to reintegrate active life via our works.

Then you are in the right place ! To make your task easier and make your implication easy and fast, we innovated.

The operation 365 legends consists in proposing to 365 partners a convention of multiannual sponsorship. This convention gives you a legislative frame to give 1€ per day during 4 years, after a tax cut.

In turn of your support :

  • Your logo and the name of your company on the presentation wall of the History of Normandy, built next to the reception hall, visible to all visitors.
  • Your logo and the name of your company in a good place on the website of Ornavik.
  • The status of Official Sponsor of the historic park Ornavik.
  • The membership in the club of partner companies, as a member in its own right.
  • Free entry in the parc for the members of your company.

Join them, they already support us !

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Questions ?

Christian Sébire, founder of the project is available for a living and passionate presentation of our historic and cultural project, of general interest for our region.

Do not hesitate to contact him by mail or phone.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tél : (+33)2 31 52 40 90

Domaine de Beauregard
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
02 31 52 40 90

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