Become a volunteer

The adventure of Ornavik

Why become a volunteer ?

Since 2011, around one hundred volunteers are working hard rebuilding villages of the Middle Ages in Normandy on the 10 hectares of Ornavik, from the Viking Rollo to William the Conqueror.

The big team of volunteers of all ages comes from every social and professional origins. They help each other to realize wattle and daub, wooden and stone houses. They work and carve wood, and make their pottery. They tend gardens, spin wool or make their clothes.

Do you enjoy the activities and manual work ? Do you like team work ? Do you want to share your know-how ? Do you have free time and want to take part in a beautiful intergenerationnal adventure ?

So, do not hesitate, join us to contribute to build over Ornavik together !

To become volunteer in Ornavik, you must be over 18-year old and share the values of our association. To learn more, download our charter.

How to become a volunteer ?

Domaine de Beauregard
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
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